Announcing New Installation Manuals for our Fiber Optic Products!


Announcing New Installation Manuals for our Fiber Optic Products!

In today’s world, fiber optic technology is playing an increasingly important role in the way we communicate and process information. The availability of high-quality fiber optic products, such as fiber optic cables, cable assemblies, and splice closures, has made it easier than ever for networks and businesses to access reliable and fast internet connections. 

Now, we’re announcing the latest installation manuals we have for some of our fiber optic offerings while taking a look at the different types of fiber optic products available in our different brands. We will also explore some of their features, advantages and discuss how they can help you enable your network.

The recently updated installation manuals for our products are part of our indoor-outdoor cable assemblies, terminal splice closures, and multiport service terminals product lines, specifically, for:

Cable Assemblies

The first of our most recent installation manuals belongs to the Drop Fiber Optic Pushable Jumper, it includes a step-by-step guide on how to prepare its fast connector for installation. 

Given its small form factor designed specifically for ducts and conduits, its fast connector is manufactured on one end of the cable assembly to be pushed as required in the premise to drop or finish the network installation. The preparation of the product understands the mounting of the SC/APC connector housing to the fast connector easily after installation.

Check the manual HERE.

Splice Closures

Another of our recently updated installation manuals is from the In-Line Fiber Fiber Repair Splice Closure, a practical solution for fiber splicing and cable repair in drop installations. It includes the preparation of the product for splicing or connection with cable assemblies, mentioning how to properly open and close it, and the technical differences between its different installation environments, whether it is in an aerial mounting on cables, poles, posts, as well as in walls, manholes or pedestals.

Read the manual HERE.


For our Multiport Service Terminals, we recently added the installation manual for their preconnectorized configurations with flat drop cable assemblies, including the 4, 6, 8, and 12 ports configurations in individual boxes or reels, depending on the cable assemblies’ lengths.

It mentions the proper product preparation for installation including the unboxing of the product, the right way to unroll the cable assembly, and the mounting of the terminal on walls, posts, pedestals, and cables in aerial installations.

Read more HERE.

Product Installation Videos

For more information about the installation of our products, you can check out our most recent installation video guides, including the installation video for the In-Line Fiber Cable Repair Splice Closure mentioned above, an unsheathing guide for armored cable, and preparation for mid-span fiber access.


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