As a growing company with solutions for the telecommunications industry, FONCS has a lot to talk about. Our press releases below will provide you with the latest news from our company.

FONCS Launches a New and Improved Website
Empty Closed 2-port wall outlet terminal box

FONCS Announces the 2-Port Wall Outlet Terminal Box

The latest FONCS development in demarcation boxes has arrived: the Mexfoserv® 2-port wall outlet terminal box for fiber optic indoor deployments.

Plug and Play Hardened Drop Jumper Mexfoserv

Mexfoserv® Presents its New Hardened Drop Fiber Optic Assemblies for FTTX Applications

FONCS announces the new Mexfoserv® development in FTTX networks: the hardened drop fiber optic assemblies, to ensure a quick and direct connection from an outdoor fiber optic cable directly to a network terminal (ONT).

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Latest Trends in Fiber Optic Cables

In recent years, there has been an increase in FTTH  (Fiber to the Home) installations.

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The Importance of Rodent Protection in FIber Optic Cables

One of the most constant dangers in fiber optic cables today is being exposed to rodents.

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