Mexfoserv® Presents its New Hardened Drop Fiber Optic Assemblies for FTTX Applications

FONCS announces the new Mexfoserv® development in FTTX networks: the hardened drop fiber optic assemblies, to ensure a quick and direct connection from an outdoor fiber optic cable directly to a network terminal (ONT).

For aerial, direct-buried, or duct installations, these new pre-connectorized assemblies can be used to provide a plug-and-play connection, with custom lengths ranging from 15 to 2000 ft, reducing both time and costs in most installations.

Primarily for outdoor and indoor/outdoor fiber optic deployments, these solutions are UV resistant and IP68 graded for maximum dust and water resistance, guaranteeing robustness and resilience to the environment in every part of the assembly: from the single-mode flat drop cable to the inside armored SC/APC and outside end connectors that conform it; this, to make for environmentally protected jumpers and pigtails that can last for years.

SC/APC Hardened Connector to SC/APC Hardened Connector Drop Fiber Optic Jumper
Hardened Drop Fiber Optic Jumper LCU-ABO Rolled
SC/APC Connector to Armored LC/UPC Breakout Drop Fiber Optic Jumper
Hardened Drop FIber Optic Pigtail
SC/APC Hardened Connector Drop Fiber Optic Pigtail

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All assemblies are 100% tested, to comply with the GR-3120-CORE and GR-326-CORE Telcordia standards, among others, to provide the highest quality, full connector intermateability, as well as low insertion and return loss

The need for plug-and-play fiber optic network connections has increased in the latest years, and they demand solutions that can guarantee a fast and reliable connection. Because of this, the new Mexfoserv® hardened drop fiber optic jumpers and pigtails are the answer for fiber to the home, premises, and any end fiber optic network that requires an outside-to-inside deployment.