FONCS Announces the 2-Port Wall Outlet Terminal Box

FONCS Announces the 2-Port Wall Outlet Terminal Box

The latest FONCS development in demarcation boxes has arrived: the Mexfoserv® 2-port wall outlet terminal box for fiber optic indoor deployments.

A high-quality terminal box made of flame retardant and durable ABS is used at the fiber optic termination point, proves a reliable and adaptable alternative to integrate fiber splicing connection and storage so the indoor cables can be manageable in a variety of ways, while also providing good properties against dust and moisture.

Empty Closed 2-Port Wall Outlet Terminal Box
Empty Open 2-Port Wall Outlet Terminal Box Preloaded with Adapter

The box has 2 ports for both connectorized and unconnectorized fiber optic cables, it can be configurable with an empty option or preassembled with SX SC & DX LC connector adapters, as well as pigtails for great adaptability, and with an “auto clip” opening and closing mechanism, allows installers a fast connection and easy access to future maintenance when needed.

This wall-mounted terminal box offers the ability to pad print customer logos to personalize and differentiate your brand. Its design, compact and lightweight allows for an easy and unobtrusive termination in any home, office, or communications room.

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