We vertically integrate our different manufacturing plants in order to produce high precision fiber optic cables, customizable connectivity products, enclosures and assemblies, durable and easy to install pole hardware, as well as reinforced and sealed splice enclosures.

FONCS-Wave Optics

WAVEOPTICS® is a brand with more than 10 years of experience dedicated to the development and manufacturing of fiber optic cable. Providing products of the highest quality through talented personnel and specialized technology in the manufacturing of fiber optic cable.

WAVEOPTICS® has one of the largest production capacities in North America thanks to their 18 production lines for the manufacturing of the different fiber optic cable configurations.

Aerialgrip® products offer a complete solution for pole hardware, for FTTX and outside plant applications, making the installation and identification effortless, saving time and money. This product line is manufactured in a combination of our metal stamping and injection molding factory.

FUSIONGUARD® is focused in the manufacturing of FTTX, Horizontal and vertical splice closures and offers some unique products to repair fibers in the field.

Our fiber optic closures are resistant to dust, UV and have great mechanical properties, we offer a variety of completely sealed closures (IP68). A FUSIONGUARD® splice closure is adaptable to any optical cable and the installation method can be buried in manholes, handholes, aerial & wall/pole.

MEXFOSERV® offers a complete product line of connectivity related products. We offer top quality & best lead times in the industry that help our customers meet their fiber deployment targets enabling them the lowest total cost of ownership. Since we are vertically integrated with our cable assembly, fiber optic cable, injection molding, and metal stamping factory we can design and manufacture almost any application while testing the performance in our own lab to ensure the product reliability and simulate the product endurance in the field. Our products are ideal for Broadband, CATV, Central Office / headend, data centers, FTTH among other applications.