Introducing the Waveoptics® Pushable Cables and Mexfoserv® Pushable Jumpers

Introducing the Waveoptics® Pushable Cables and Mexfoserv® Pushable Jumpers

MEXFOSERV® and WAVEOPTICS® present their NEWEST solutions for fiber distribution: their Pushable Fiber Optic Cables and Drop Fiber Pushable Jumpers.

When deploying fiber inside buildings, premises, or in any other size-constrained space, time and maneuverability are integral for a successful installation. 

For this, WAVEOPTICS® and MEXFOSERV® introduce their Pushable Cable and Drop Fiber Pushable Jumper solutions.

Specially designed for microducts, the Pushable Cables have a rigid design, allowing them, as their name suggests, to be easily pushed into ducts and conduits. This is proved effective in drop fiber applications when reaching a specific end in an installation from another point.

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With the option of configuring up to 12 fibers, the WAVEOPTICS® Pushable Cable is an outdoor solution that reduces fiber deployment costs, optimizing installation times in a lot of different scenarios.

Providing great environmental protection and crush resistance with an outer jacket made out of PBT, its design also integrates an internal aramid yarn, providing water protection while at the same time serving as a strength member.


  • Dielectric design
  • Bend insensitive
  • Great UV and water protection
  • Crush and impact resistance
  • Telcordia, IEC, and ANSI/ICEA compliant
  • 1-12 fibers configurations available

A lightweight and robust solution for most installations, the fiber optic Pushable Cables have superior pushing and pulling capabilities, that is why they are also used in our fiber optic jumper production.

Fiber Optic Pushable Cable

The MEXFOSERV® Drop Fiber Pushable Jumpers serve as an outdoor-indoor transition between specific FTTX installation environments.

As part of their line of indoor-outdoor fiber optic cable assembly portfolio, the Drop Pushable Jumpers offer a fast fiber termination, creating a direct connection from terminals or distribution boxes to ONTs.

With SC/APC connectors on both ends, they guarantee high compatibility with most end uses, reducing installation times and removing the need for on-field splicing.


  • 100% machine polished and tested connectors
  • Low <0.2db insertion loss
  • Various custom lengths from 5 up to 500 feet
  • Great intermateability and fiber protection
  • Each jumper has its own serialized number
Drop-Fiber-Optic-Pushable-Jumper Mexfoserv
Drop Fiber Pushable Jumper

All of the MEXFOSERV® connectors are machine polished and video tested to ensure the highest quality connection possible, keeping insertion and return losses to a minimum. 

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