NEW product announcement: In-Line Hardened Cable Assemblies

NEW product announcement: In-Line Hardened Cable Assemblies

MEXFOSERV® presents a NEW product in its portfolio of hardened drop fiber optic cable assemblies: the in-line hardened fiber optic cable assemblies.

This product is mainly designed for last-mile applications, for example, drop fiber installations, and connections among assemblies; helping you keep installation costs down, and extending the reach of fiber-based networks and services. 

This preconnectorized solution protects and creates extensions from pedestals or handholes to drop fiber optic hardened assemblies in existing FTTX installations. Their In-line hardened receptacles are fully compatible with all the hardened plugs in the complete MEXFOSERV® product portfolio of outdoor fiber optic cable assemblies.


  • Superior UV protection
  • 100% machine polished and tested
  •  IP-68 rated dust and water protection
  • In-line hardened SC/APC connectors
  •  Great intermateability and fiber protection
  •  Flat drop and toneable drop simplex cable options
  •  Available in custom length reels, from 20 to 20,000 feet

The factory terminated in-line hardened assemblies are widely configurable. Jumpers are configurable with a hardened SC/APC in-line receptacle on one end, and a hardened SC/APC FILUX connector on the other.

There is also a hybrid configuration with a hardened SC/APC in-line receptacle on one end and a non-hardened SC, FC, ST, or LC connector, with the option to include a pulling eye if needed.

In-Line-Hardened-Fiber-Optic-Jumper Mexfoserv
Hardened In-Line Hybrid Fiber Optic Jumper with pulling eye

All of MEXFOSERV® connectors and assemblies are machine polished and video tested to ensure the highest quality connection possible and keep insertion and return losses to a minimum. 

You can check more about this product HERE and see how MEXFOSERV’s products can help you with the connectivity needs of your network, especially with Plug-and-Play solutions in mind.

Do you have more questions? Check all about FONCS HERE, our sales specialists will be more than happy to help you with your inquiries.

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