FONCS Launches a New and Improved Website

FONCS Launches a New and Improved Website

FONCS has launched its new website, updated with the latest products: like the MEXFOSERV® Hardened Fiber Optic Outdoor Assemblies. 

New features, categories, and information are easier to navigate and use, where customers can find everything they need.

With a newly integrated search bar, searching and choosing for products and filter categories among our main brands is quicker and simpler than ever: by just typing the name of the product to look for, the user will get the most relevant result immediately.

By searching for the items they look for, customers are now able to add them into a quote cart too, and once they fill their information on the form, they will send their inquiry immediately to one of our sales representatives for personalized service.

First part of the quote cart in the website
Second part of the quote cart in the website

The new resources tab has detailed technical information, tools, and data about the products we offer, as well as a blog, newsroom, and a special section for our latest attendance to trade shows & events, respectively.

MEXFOSERV® Mechanical Field Installable Connectors and Buildout Attenuators are fully configurable and now they are available to directly customize on the new website’s product configurator; choose between the type of connector or attenuator, polish, cable, fiber, housing, or attenuation that are offered to select the best option possible for adding to a quote.

These and more are the newest additions to FONCS’ website, made for a more simple and overall intuitive experience, specifically thought for a wide range of users, from spontaneous visitors and possibly new buyers to recurrent customers.

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