Waveoptics announces a NEW and IMPROVED design for its Armored Fiber Optic Cable Designs!

Loose Tube Single-Armored Double Jacket Slim Cable

Waveoptics announces a NEW and IMPROVED design for its Armored Fiber Optic Cable Designs!

Waveoptics®: Revolutionizing Armored Fiber Optic Cable Design for Seamless FTTx Deployments

[Laredo, TX] – Today, we proudly announce the launch of our NEW Waveoptics® armored fiber optic cable design. With the rapid expansion of fiber-to-the-x (FTTx) deployments worldwide, our advanced armored cables present a game-changing solution for long-trunk fiber installations.

FTTx deployments have become increasingly crucial as demand for high-speed internet and data connectivity continues to surge. These involve the extensive deployment of fiber optic cables to deliver reliable broadband connections to homes, businesses, and communities. In such deployments, ensuring the durability and protection of fiber optic cables is paramount to safeguard against external factors and maintain optimal network performance.

We received many comments about the construction of our Waveoptics® armored fiber optic cables, where difficulties arose when unsheathing the cable due to the outer jacket’s subjection to the internal metallic armor.

Waveoptics® Single-Jacket Single-Armor Cable

Waveoptics® listened, the manufacturing process and materials were adjusted to suit the installation’s need better, and now, all the configurations of armored fiber optic cables are easier to strip without compromising the durability and resistance to outdoor environments that are known in this line of products!

Recognizing the need for robust and secure fiber optic cables, Waveoptics® developed a new loose tube armored fiber optic cable design, which provides a fast, easier-to-unsheathe cable solution with unmatched durability and resistance to environmental protection against physical damage, including impacts, abrasions, UV light, water, and dust, ensuring the longevity and resilience of your network infrastructure.

One key challenge in FTTx deployments is the installation of drop cables, which connect the main trunk lines to individual premises. Efficient drop installations require easy access to the fibers within the cables, necessitating the unsheathing of the cable jacket. Traditionally, unsheathing armored cables required specialized tools and expertise, making the process cumbersome and time-consuming.

However, Waveoptics® design simplifies the unsheathing process by incorporating innovative features that simplify fiber access.

Our cables can now be conveniently unsheathed using simple tools, eliminating the need for complex and costly equipment while also reducing installation times. This breakthrough technology enhances the efficiency and flexibility of drop installations, allowing service providers to expedite deployments and reduce installation costs significantly.

With the introduction of our Waveoptics® armored fiber optic cable design, we poise to revolutionize FTTx deployments. By combining durability, enhanced protection, and simplified cable unsheathing, we empower service providers with a superior solution that streamlines installations and drives the expansion of fiber optic networks.

New improvements – aramid ripcords, changes in the material for the outer jacket, redesigned metallic armor incorporation, and a new manufacturing approach to reducing jacket adhesion to the armor.

Loose Tube Single-Armored Double Jacket Slim Cable
Single-Armor Double-Jacket Cable

What this means: 

  • Reduced times in unsheathing.
  • You can now use simple tools alongside specialized ones.
  • Reduced force when stripping and pulling the outer jacket off the cable, while maintaining the durability and resistance desired for long-distance deployments.

Check our most recent installation video, in which we show you how to easily unsheath our new armored cable design for mid-span access using simple, everyday tools in this link:

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