Connector Installation | Drop Fiber Optic Pushable Jumper

Drop-Fiber-Optic-Pushable-Jumper Mexfoserv

Connector Installation | Drop Fiber Optic Pushable Jumper

Telecommunications networks grow at a faster rate than ever before. As the US government continues to roll out plans to connect isolated and rural communities all over the country, fiber-based networks are cementing as the perfect choice to build connections with bigger and more reliable systems.

In the FTTX market, the demands for approachable, accessible, and future-proof connectivity for Telecom services require fiber solutions that can be easily deployed in any possible environment that lasts.

Cable Assemblies serve a particular purpose as fiber optic alternatives that help minimize fiber splicing in drop and fiber transitions among outdoor and indoor-outdoor installations.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies with FC Connector
Demonstration: Indoor Cable Assemblies with FC Connectors

In this blog, we will show you some of the features, and characteristics, as well as a short instructive to install a fast access SC/APC connector to the Mexfoserv® Drop Pushable Jumper, an excellent fiber optic cable assembly option for Drop installations in FTTX networks.

What is an SC/APC Connector?

SC/APC connectors are fast deployment connectivity solutions for single-mode or multi-mode optical fibers, their nomenclature means Subscriber Connector/Angle Physical Contact (SC/APC). These are connectors with square housings that have an 8° angle on the polish of its tip that helps reduce signal return losses up to -60 dB. They are used in different types of networks, most commonly, CATV, GPON, PON, or LAN fiber optic networks.

Due to their broad availability and low manufacturing costs, SC/APC connectors are an industry standard for fiber optic connectivity and one of the most common configurations in our Mexfoserv® Pushable Assemblies.

Pushable assemblies

Pushable assemblies are an ideal choice for most FTTH deployments due to their rigid and manageable construction. They are engineered to be pushed and pulled easily by operators on installations with micro ducts, small entrance points, or other space constraints that can make maneuvering difficult for other types of outdoor cable assemblies.

Let’s take a look at the Mexfoserv® Drop Pushable Jumper. This is one of the solutions in fiber optic cable assemblies that Mexfoserv® offers as part of their connectivity line of products.

Drop-Fiber-Optic-Pushable-Jumper Mexfoserv
Mexfoserv® Drop Fiber Optic Pushable Jumper

Pushable Jumpers are manufactured with a specific length of Pushable Cable from Waveoptics® for the cable part, with length configurations that range from 5ft up to 500ft. Its design is rigid, with an outer jacket made of PBT, that protects it from crushing, impacts, and water alongside an internal aramid yarn integration. 

On both ends of the assembly, there is an SC/APC connector that can connect to patch panels, terminals, demarcation boxes, or directly to ONTs in houses or premises. In the Mexfoserv® Drop Pushable Jumper, one of these connectors is a fast access connector, that is ready to be assembled on-field for quick deployment, reducing installation times and cost.

Connector Installation Instructive

The installation is simple, it requires no extra tools and just needs the housing and outer parts to be attached to the connector body.

  1. The first step is to insert the connector boot into the cable assembly. This absorbs potential tension from plugging or unplugging the connector to terminals.
  2. Next, place the connector body, aligning it to the guide displayed with an arrow.
  3. Then, insert the housing of the connector on the body until hearing a “click”, this is the sign that the housing has been secured and locked in its place.
  4. Finally, just put the protective dust cap on the tip of the connector and that’s it!

FONCS is a distributor of fiber optic solutions for telecommunication companies. Through our main brands, we manufacture fiber optic cables, cable assemblies, aerial installation hardware, fiber optic closures, demarcation boxes, and more! Do you have a question? Contact our experts HERE.

MEXFOSERV® designs and manufactures connectivity solutions for FTTX installations, with a line of products ideal for Broadband, CATV, Central Office/headend, data centers, and FTTH, among other applications. With vertical integration with our cable assembly, fiber optic cable, plastic injection molding, and metal stamping plants, MEXFOSERV® offers Fiber Optic Assemblies, Demarcation Boxes, and Attenuators while also testing their performance in its own lab to ensure product reliability and endurance on-field.

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