Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

Fiber Optic Cleaning Supplies

Mexfoserv® Cleaning Supplies are an entire line of  tools to clean, enable, and give maintenance to your optical fibers, connectors, and splices in every step of the fiber optic installation. 

Make sure your cables, connectors and fibers are performing correctly, protect your inversion and signal loss while making sure that you provide the best service possible to your network thanks to Mexfoserv® fiber optic Cleaning Supplies.


MEXFOSERV® offers a complete product line of connectivity related products. We help our customers meet their fiber deployment targets enabling them the lowest total cost of ownership. Vertically integrated with our cable assembly, fiber optic cable, injection molding, and metal stamping factories, we can design and fulfill almost any application while testing the performance in our own lab to ensure reliability and simulate product endurance in the field. Our products are ideal for broadband, CATV, central office/headend, data centers, FTTH, among other applications.

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